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A Penguin-Inspired Design and a Conservation Update

🐧 Introducing our latest penguin design! 🐧

This adorable Parenting Penguin design isn't just about style – it carries an important message. Last winter, we witnessed a setback: the loss of up to 10,000 Emperor Penguin chicks due to melting sea ice. 😢

However, there's a change in plans regarding Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). Originally set to be introduced this year, it will now come into effect at a later date.

We hope the government will reconsider the timeline for BNG. It plays a vital role in preserving our natural environment and is essential for our wildlife's well-being. 🌍❄️

Join us in advocating for nature and supporting initiatives that can make a difference! 💙🌊 #SaveTheEmperors #PenguinProtection #BiodiversityMatters #ClimateAction

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